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How to produce more antioxidants?

Oxidants have been related to various health problems, diseases that range from cancer or Alzheimer's to cataracts or blindness, aging itself is believed by many to be the cause or the result of oxidative damage that our cells suffer and that the DNA suffers, there is a theory called the free radical theory of aging which you can read online if you are interested. It is not approved by everyone as you will find out, however, it does make some very good points and some of the things that it brings up are in fact proven by science.

Oxidants are produced naturally by your body mainly through the metabolism and thermogenesis processes and can be caused in your body by external factors like UV exposure, pollution or radiation, medication and stress, tobacco smoking, alcohol abuse, etc. Free radicals as they are perhaps more popularly known, are electrons that have become unpaired and quite reactive. They search for other electrons to pair with, while they attack and damage our cells and when they steal an electron they produce other radicals or oxidants as a result of that and if this continues, chain reactions occur.

The role of antioxidants should be obvious because their name is obvious enough, they are used to deal with oxidants/free radicals. The reason they are perfect for this and your own body has its own natural antioxidants, is because they can offer electrons to these unpaired electrons and pair them together neutralizes the free radical that once attacked and damaged your cells.

Now after discovering the properties of antioxidants, of course, various scientists thought that maybe we could build up the body with antioxidants to counter all of the radicals in the body, therefore antioxidant supplementation.Today there are products like Vitapulse which take advantage of this idea, but does it really work? When you think about it, it does work but when you actually apply it, use it in a clinical trial, it doesn't really appear to work.

Multiple studies have been done to prevent cancer, cataracts, Alzheimer's and so on and they used antioxidant supplementation, beta carotene, NAC and so on but the benefits were not noticeable, negligible, modest which means that antioxidant supplementation is not a solution, in fact in could mess around with the body's natural ability of producing antioxidants and the immune system.

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